Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I love my brother Alex. I love that he is amazingly good at math. I love even more that he's willing, at a moments notice, to take a detour on his way home from a long day of school and work and come tutor my daughter, while his beautiful wife Bridget (who just happens to be one of the nicest people one could ever meet) waits for the dinner and movie they planned on for the evening. Yea! for super smart brothers. And super nice brothers. I have five of them, and I count myself hugely blessed.
Braelyn won't be thrilled that I posted this picture, but in all fairness to her, who expects a flash to go off during family home evening opening prayer? I was opening my eyes to see if my kids were closing theirs, and I saw Brooklyn and couldn't resist. I REVERENTLY got up, and REVERENTLY took this picture, and then REVERENTLY closed my eyes for the remainder of the prayer. I fall in love with Brooklyn all over again about every twenty seconds or so all day long.
Brooklyn got all her "hair stuff" and treated Braelyn to a head massage (if you call a two year old jamming clips into your scalp a massage) and some hair beautification.
Braelyn returned the favor. They are twelve years apart, but they are as tight as sisters come.


Don and Amy Bennion said...

love the pictures. I wish I could be around Brooklyn more...take that back, wish I could be around all of your kids more...and Alex and Bee...and you and Jody...and everyone.
The 2nd picture isn't coming up for me...is it just my computer? You piqued my interest, now I can't see it!
Love you.


Don and Amy Bennion said...

Just got it...Brookie's face is adorable. I can see why you fall in love with her so many times a day.

Anonymous said...

Her face is HILARIOUS!

Smith Family said...

It was so fun to see you tonight! So glad you came!

Anonymous said...

Who could blame you for falling in love with that cutie over and over again! Such a cute post!

Anonymous said...

Hey Angela ~ How are you? I think about you a lot. You may as well have moved to the other side of the world! *winks* Adley asks about Cannon pretty often and I keep telling her we should have him over but since school started I am slacker at actually doing those kinds of things. Where is the time? Well I really miss seeing you and I hope all is well. I watch your blog so I get the updates, I love the internet!!! I was wondering if I could get your new address? It’s that time of year to update all my records…let me know! You can email it to me at janeenhalversen@cox.net if you don't mind! Have a great holiday ~ jh

mrs. dph said...

Angela, ditto on the address? I don't have your e-mail address or phone number and I don't think we are facebook friends. :) So I'm trying to reach you via a comment on your blog. I feel so sheepish. But, if you happen to see this comment could you e-mail your address to me at tjhaddock@sbcglobal.net ? I hope you are having a lovely Christmas season, even though your parents are away!

Bobbi Jo said...

What a wonderful post. I love the great pictures. You are a wonderful Mom.
Love you, Bobbi Jo