Sunday, July 31, 2011


Colton is three and can be-how can I put it?- my trial at church. I've been talking to him throughout the week about how we act at church. We talk about words like quiet, reverence, whisper, sit still......

Jody was home sick and I sat, the lone adult, with all the children on the pew. It went from bad to worse pretty quickly. Colton was rocketing off laps, blasting across the aisle, and showering the congregation with his giggles, you-can't-catch-me squeals of delight, and screams of protest when caught.

I managed to snag him as he shot by, made my lap his prison, and whispered in his ear:

"Colton we need to be reverent. Remember?"


"Do you remember what reverent means?"


"What does it mean?"


"No, it means to sit quiet and still. Right?"

"No. It means FIREWORKS!"

Aaahh...this explains quite a lot:)