Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our House

Okay, so here are a few pictures of our new house.  Nary a picture on the wall, a window dressed, or surface adorned.  But there will be time for that later.   I don't know exactly when "later" is, except that it is after "now".  We are happy, yet still feeling the loss of a ward and neighbors (especially the next door ones) that we love and are so comfortable with.  Jody said it best in his last testimony in our ward- we have fasted with you, prayed with you, laughed with you...we know those bonds will be created here too, but man we loved our life over there in Crismon Creek.

p.s. there are curtains on one window, but it was like that when we got here!

This kitchen has plenty of room for all the helpers I usually have.

From the kitchen looking into the Family room.

Family Room

This room is like an extra part of the family room.  Right now it is hosting our year supply until we find a better home for it.  We've discovered that a year supply for ten people takes up a lot of room.

This room is right of the entry way.  It is still a work in progress, as is everything.  This is homework central every afternoon.  

The living room is straight ahead when you walk in the front door. 

One shot of the master bedroom...

These stables are in the back corner of our property, and I believe they helped seal the deal for Jody.  Yes, those are cows- not ours, a neighbors, but Jody has big plans....

This is the view from the back porch.

The laundry room still needs some organization, and these pictures really don't do it justice.  It also didn't help that it had flooded earlier in the afternoon (notice all the cords), but this room makes me HAPPY!  There are so many cabinets, a huge closet, room for a second fridge, definitely a deal clincher for me, as was the huge pantry.  I couldn't get a good picture of the pantry, but it was built with a large family and food storage in mind:)

The master bath was such a bonus.  It was not on my list of necessary things to have an amazing master bathroom, but I sure don't mind it!

I think it is so pretty at night.

I didn't take pictures of the kids bedrooms- they're still a little boring right now.  There are four kids bedroom and two jack and jill bathrooms.  One thing that's kind of unique is that the older kids actually have their vanities in their rooms, and then the bathroom they share just has the shower and toilet.  It works out well for Braelyn- it gives her her very own space for all the getting ready things that teenage girls have...and since she shares it with a two year old, she pretty much has it to herself.  The house has fabulous storage and lots of little things that make it a great fit for our big family.  

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Triple Hooray!

Saturday was a "work" day at our house.
Kids don't always like "work" days.
What they don't know is sometimes adults don't like "work" days.
But, we have to pretend we do so that hopefully our good attitudes will be contagious!
We worked long and hard on Saturday.
I thought we were all done.
Then I remembered the state of my car.
So, I rallied the troops and told them to put their swimming suits on and meet me out front.
There was water, bubbles, laughter and fun.
The car got clean-HOORAY!
The kids enjoyed working together-DOUBLE HOORAY!!
We spent good, quality time together on Saturday-


Who said work can't be fun??