Monday, March 9, 2009

Missing my Blog

I have so many things I want to blog about- Brooklyn's birthday, Cooper's birthday, Crew losing his first teeth, the family party with the magician, the new house.....  The problem is the last item. Not really a problem, but a reason.  My days have been filled with packing, packing, more packing, picking paint colors, deciding what little construction projects to do first, buying a new fridge, picking a new table, packing, and CLEANING.  Yikes.  I am bone tired.  Today I was 35 minutes late to pick up Braelyn from school.  I had been at the new house deciding on paint colors.  When I picked her up I told her I was sorry, but it had to be done so that the painters could start tomorrow.  Cooper was in the front seat and with a confused look asked, "So when someone's a painter and they're a girl, they're called a paintress?"  It was a needed laugh.  He had misheard me when I said "painters" (actually I probably had slurred speech brought on by tiredness) and thought he heard paintress.  It probably wasn't that funny, but I was a little punch happy I guess!  I came home and needed to just do something that wasn't packing, so I decided to add my family pictures to the blog.  Way more fun than packing.  Missing my blog...will be back soon.