Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime

....when you don't have a POOL

....and it's blasted HOT

Get a $10 slip n' slide
and a HOSE

Voila! I just saved myself $40,000!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Feeling like a Pioneer

Oh how I wish I had my own pictures to go with this post. Cameras would have been useless for the pioneers-there's not a blessed second during all the mixing, shaking, seperating, kneading etc. to stop and take a picture. Next time I'll assign one of my brood to be the photographer.

Our neighbor brought over a gallon jar of fresh cow milk. Now, I could have dumped it down the drain and returned the jar with a thank you note and he would never be the wiser. (Food is a mental thing for me-it's hard to get over some things and just be willing to try it) But seeing as how Jody is going to buy a milk cow, I figured it was time to see what I am really made of.

I let it sit in the fridge until the cream rose to the top. Then I skimmed off all of the cream and put it in the fridge for later. With a multitude of children surrounding me, we began pasteurizing the milk, which would make it taste like store bought milk (theoretically). Everyone one was so excited to try the milk- except Brae, she was a little skeptical. Moans of disappointment followed when I told them we'd have to wait until morning so it could get cold again. Maybe they were just disappointed because they'd been trying to buy a few extra minutes before bed time. Highly probable. Jody and I finished the process and I felt surprisingly accomplished!

The next morning was the test. They all ate it with cereal and most even drank a glass. Success! Unfortunately, there was none left for me to try. (I was really okay with that- still a little bit of a mental block). Braelyn and I started researching old fashioned methods of making butter. Apparently shaking it in a jar like every child has done at a Primary Activity is a very viable method. But did you know you're supposed to let the cream sour first? We set it out on the counter for the day.

Friday night at about 8:00 we started making the butter. The kids and I all took turns shaking, shaking, shaking. I guess the more cream, the more shaking, because boy we were getting tired. We poured off all of the buttermilk, rinsed the butter, added a little salt, and we all tried it on a slice of bread. Delicious! (although next time we'll skip the shaking and let the Bosch do the work!)

Saturday morning I woke up and ground some wheat for some homemade bread, shaping three loaves. I saved the last of the dough to make scones for breakfast. Scones with our freshly ground wheat and freshly made butter. Wow! Those pioneers must have walked around feeling great about themselves, because I know I do right now!

Of course, I've done enough work that I don't feel like doing the dishes (in my dishwasher), or washing the laundry (in my washing machine), or cleaning the floors (with my vacuum cleaner). I do however want a nice long hot shower, a book, and my big comfortable couch.

Hmmm....maybe I wouldn't have made it as a pioneer.